I am hardly the biggest fan of single named artists mostly because I can
never figure out if it’s a band or a person trying to sound cooler by
disregarding the necessity of two part names. But in the case of Block,
the name fits the sound rather nicely. With folksy based songs, Block
uses Johnny Cash thumping riffs to that give an energetic rhythm that he
complements with South Park-esque style lyrical commentary. What better
word to describe this experience than simply, Block.
After seeing him entertain in his solo performance at Mo’ Pitkins, his
name turned all the more useful because with an audience to bounce to his
beat and hear his stories, Block rocks. Filling in the bits between
songs with stories from childhood and commentary on the world today,
Block used every avenue to entertain the crowd during his hour long set.
Oh, and the music was pretty darn good too. Block played some hits from
his previous record, Timing is Everything, including the revealing
“Cigarettes, Prozac, & Scotch,” and some great new songs of his just
released album, The Last Single Guy. The best from this latest
collection, “Sweet Potato Pie” has autobiographical hints but are so damn
clever and catchy, “Line em up, big shots, here’s a little blow/ cell
phone call home, jezzing with the wife/ ask about the kids, make sure
they’re all right,” you can’t help but tap your feet. No need for an
elaborate big band feel on this particular night, as Block can certainly
rock enough to carry both a one man show and a one part name.