1000 Miles From Home- songs from “Collusion”



There’s something interesting going on with the handful of songs I
listened to off of 1000 Miles From Home’s debut EP, “Collusion.” With a
familiar garage rock sound, 1000 Miles offer undeniable melodies on their
songs that you can’t help but get into. Still, there’s more to the band
that makes them worthwhile. Their lyrics for the most part seem pretty
dark, and they make noble artistic decisions with their matching of lyrics
and music.

Take for instance “The Man,” s track whose melody could be behind a rock
song about anything. Insert a question mark after your thought of “this is
a love song,” when you hear lines like “Raping your eyes, I’ll keep
laughing loud enough to hear you cry.” If you take the time to listen to
the lyrics, you may be caught off guard by some of them, but the more you
think about them, you realize that nothing could be better for making the
band stand out among others.

In comparison to “The Man,” “Explain the Explanation” sounds slightly
softer in what could be made a big hit by an artist like Foo Fighters.
While not as dark, you have this great hook-infused pop/rock song matched
with lead singer Zac Carrington singing about yearning and crying on the

Sure, 1000 Miles From Home seems to be taking college radio by storm, but
is there a brighter future for them? With fans that will surely identify
with the sounds and words 1000 Miles presents on “Collusion,” they have
found a likely niche in college students, and there’s nothing wrong with
that; but no doubt, these songs could take them further.