They’re Digging in the Wrong Place

“I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.”

Armed with a lasso and an iPod, we explore from the obscure to the MySpace kings (or queens says Ana) leaving no stone unturned in the indie music world. We hate snakes – Shakira (she’s fine though says Indie), U2 post-pop, any commerical/band involving Aerosmith/Pink/Just Pushing Play, Kanye West, Dave Mathews, and John Cougar Mellancamp This is Our Country (especially in Canadian commercials, The Electric Slide, 15 year olds singing about lip gloss, and Meatloaf.

Consider us treasure hunters on a last crusade. Lucky for you, however, we know how to share the spoils of our quests. In other words, come to us for great music.

Our words to live by:

“Snakes, why does it have to be snakes?”


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