Scotty Don’t Music Review


The self-titled debut EP by rock band Scotty Don’t ignites a fire from the
beginning of its six tracks. “Back Porch” starts off with an alluring
pop/rock verse, but picks up speed and intensity. By the time you get to
the chorus, you find yourself completely caught up in what could be the
band’s single, that is, of course, if Scotty Don’t seeks a place in
popular music.

Starting off softly and momentarily reminiscent of the Eagles’ “Hotel
California,” “Everything’s Alright” eventually breaks out into a jam
session with a Caribbean feel once the meat of the song commences. While
hardly reggae (the vocals keep it from that), the soft, summery sound
seems perfect for driving around with the windows down. One thing to note
about the song is it never delivers some unforgettable chorus or a hook of
any kind. Few songs work as brilliantly as this one does without a hook,
and surprisingly after a listen to this track, one can’t help but remember
“Hey, I really liked that,” despite not having a tune to hang on to.

The band occasionally bears resemblance to Sublime, especially on the
latter song and briefly on a track called “When I Say,” which can be found
on the band’s MySpace page, but there’s a good reason for that. Scotty
Don’t was actually formed by veteran members of Badfish: A Tribute to
Sublime. The resemblance is kept to a minimum, and if anything, it seems
to be more about paying homage to a popular band’s style rather than
ripping off a sound that made one band unique.

Perhaps the most stand-out track on Scotty Don’t’s impressive EP is “Punk
Rock Lullaby.” Featuring the band’s best vocals, a Top 40-worthy melody,
and solid acoustic guitar core accompanied by a vocal chant and subtle use
of exotic instruments, the track seems zero parts “punk rock” and all
lullaby. Perhaps, though, the misleading title might only garner them fans
discovering something exciting and new.

Touring in support of Badfish means that fans will get a double dose of
what these rockers-at-heart are capable of. After listening to their EP, I
can assure you I will be attending a Scotty Don’t show in the near future!